Company Background

Company Philosophy

It is the objective of the Gardner organization to supply high performance bellows competitively for aerospace, nuclear and other equipment applications. Metal bellows, which are important components of modern machines and devices, have often been selected on the basis of empirical or "rule of thumb" methods which do not take into full account material limitations or the internal mechanical stresses created during operation. Unsatisfactory performance has been the consequence in many cases. The major goal of Gardner Bellows Corporation is to deliver parts which will operate as desired and predicted. This accurate forecast of bellows performance can only result from careful engineering analysis followed by careful attention to all details of manufacture. A parallel goal is to use manufacturing methods economical for prototype quantities with short lead times.

Company History

Gardner Products Company was formed in 1958 to supply the aerospace industry with high-performance metal bellows. At that time there were no available design analysis techniques for reliably predicting bellows performance and the bellows being made at that time were based mostly upon the experimental testing of samples. Although the art of fashioning bellows from metal had existed for nearly one hundred years with the industry well established, efforts at that time were directed toward high production requirements for which an experimental approach was feasible.

An intensive study of metal bellows was undertaken which culminated in a body of engineering design techniques and data. The analytical methods, thus developed, enable the accurate prediction of bellows performance and the selection of the optimum bellows for a particular set of design requirements. Much better system designs result from such analysis.

To fabricate the bellows which were able to be designed new hydroforming techniques and equipment were developed which formed deep, close-pitch convolutions with no local thinning and no zones of uncontrolled stress concentration. The equipment and related techniques also permitted the accurate prediction of first article performance, where the first part of a new production run performs nearly as anticipated with only minor adjustments needed to produce the desired function.

In 1966, a name change to Gardner Bellows Corporation was made in order to identify better the product orientation of the company.

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